Vehicles that reflect their pedigree
The 1960s was a time when India was importing vehicles and technology to meet its transport and delivery needs. Clearly, the need of the hour was a range of indigenously developed vehicles that were designed for the rugged and unpredictable Indian terrain. That’s when Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. decided to use its manufacturing experience and knowledge of Indian roads and combine it with expertise from all over the world to manufacture Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs).

Mahindra Truck and Bus has rolled out the entire spectrum of commercial vehicles in India. Ranging from 3500 kgs to 49000 kgs GVW/GCW, these vehicles aim at establishing new standards of reliability, efficiency and customer centrism that are previously unheard of in the commercial vehicle industry.

Our LCV range, currently consisting of the CRX trucks and Tourister i buses, has a presence across India. These vehicles have diverse applications. The CRX range is used for moving industrial and household goods, used in infrastructure development, etc. The Tourister i series is being used by governments and in the IT, education and transport sectors.

Addressing the varied needs of people, our company has been creating a strong customer centric brand in the LCV segment. We occupy the premier position in the school bus segment and the company has been ranked second in customer satisfaction (by TNS – Truck Track). While working towards this, we’ve become a leader in every category we offer products in.

Truly, through the length and breadth of India, goods, people, and their needs and dreams, all move with us.

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