1. What are the different models available in Cargo?
:  The models available in Cargo are DI 3200 CRX Series, Loadking CRX Series & Loadking Sherpa.

2. Where can I find the engine and chassis serial number for the vehicle?
: The engine’s serial number is punched on the front cylinder block adjacent to the crankshaft pully. The vehicle’s serial number is stamped on the instruction plate. The same number is also stamped on the right side chassis member.

3. What are the different models available in school buses?
Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. Tourister is the no.1 school bus in India. Models available are Tourister i16 (16+D seater), Tourister i25 (25 +D seater), Tourister i32 (32 + D seater) and the Tourister i40 (40 + D seater).

4. What are the types of fuels used to power MNAL vehicles?
MNAL vehicles are powered on either diesel or CNG.

5. Can I get BS III compliant vehicles in the Loadking Series?
Yes. The Loadking CRX CRDe is BS III compliant . Also any CNG versions of are vehicles are BS III compliant.

6. What does CRX stands for?
CRX stands for C – Comfort, R – Reliability & X – Extra Economy.

7. What are the key features of Tourister i?
The key features of Tourister i – the new and improved version of the Tourister i are improved safety, improved comfort & improved aesthetics.

8. Does MNAL have a Helpline number?
Yes.  The numbers are 1800-200-3600, 020-27473600. This helpline is 24 X 7, so you can reach us anytime.

9. What warranty coverage offered on my new MNAL vehicle?
Ans: Every new MNAL vehicle comes with excellent warranty coverage. MNAL offers the following warranty coverage options:

Basic Coverage: Components other than normal wear and maintenance items are covered for 1 year (unlimited kilometers) from the date of purchase.

Extended Warranty Coverage: Your engine, transmission and rear axle (differential), are covered for 1 year (unlimited kilometers) by default. Some models offer an extended warranty for 3 years (unlimited kilometers) from the date of completion of the basic warranty. To know the models and the offers available, kindly get in touch with your nearest MNAL dealer.

10. Where can I go for warranty repairs?
MNAL recommends getting all warranty repairs done at their authorized dealers and service centers only. MNAL also recommend use of Mahindra Truck and Bus Genuine Spares Parts.

11. Is the extended warranty chargeable?
The extended warranty is available on selected models as an offering. Kindly get in touch with your nearest MNAL dealer to find out the details.

12. Are the MNAL spares warranted?
Ans: MNAL genuine parts (excluding wear/tear parts) are covered under a spare parts warranty for six months. This applies for all parts purchased and fixed at MNAL authorised dealerships or at an authorised service center.

13. Whom can I contact regarding the tyre warranty on my new MNAL vehicle?
Ans: The tyres that come as original equipment on your vehicle are under warranty from the manufacturer.
For service on tyre concerns, take the tyre to an authorised dealership of the tyre manufacturer. For additional warranty information or service assistance, contact your nearest MNAL dealer.

14. Where can I get genuine spares parts for my MNAL vehicle?
Ans:  MNAL genuine spare parts are available at all MNAL authorised dealers and stockists across India.

15. I would like to add an accessory or part to my MNAL vehicle. Will this impact warranty?
Ans: MNAL warranty will be applicable to those vehicles in which only genuine parts/accessories have been added as recommended by MNAL. Please refer the owner’s manual for details.

16. How much oil should I put in to my engine/gear box/differential?
The oil capacities for different models are different and are specified in the owner’s manual. Kindly refer the same to know the exact quantity and grade of oil you need to put in to the vehicle.

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